12 Amazon Must-Haves for Home Entertaining

So I may have a problem ordering too much on Amazon, but at least you can learn from my mistakes!

Many of those errors in judgement while shopping at 1 AM on my phone ended up being great successes and investments. Maybe I shouldn't have been shopping that late, (and buzzed,) but I found some pretty unique things that we love to entertain with. Most of these things I couldn't dream of not having now!

And now you can make good choices in what essential items to buy to be ready for your next party - *wink*wink*

1. Oster Buffet Server & Warming Tray

One night on Amazon Prime Day, I happened to be endlessly scrolling on new deals… that's when I found this beauty. She's my best friend when we're having a big party at the house!

Not only can you keep 3 different trays of food warm on this server, you can also serve directly on the flat top, with or without your heat-safe serving trays, too. This is our absolute #1 must-have!

2. Large Porcelain Serving Tray

For your main dish - you need a big, beautiful white serving tray for your dinner table! This tray is simple and elegant, and promises to make any of your dishes look gorgeous.

3. Set of Stemless Wine Glasses

This set of 12 is sure to save your life when you start inviting your friends over. After everyone's spouses, significant others, and whoever else ends up coming over, you may need 2-3 boxes of these. We do! Plus, they're great to have a stock of in case anything breaks.

Another great thing about these? They just pop into the dishwasher at the end of the night!

4. Wine Glass Markers

For marking your territory! These wash off easily with soap and water, and even in the dishwasher.

5. Ceramic Cake Stand

For years, I told myself I didn't need a cake stand. Yet time and time again, I would find myself trying to make a cake without anything to put it on.

This simple and elegant white cake stand will be the perfect centerpiece to your dessert table.

6. Server Pocket Bottle Opener

For under $6 each, I have a few of these laying around the house. No more searching for that one bottle opener! Now you can have a few stashed around the house to open on demand!

(Because you need one in every room, right?)

7. Poo-Pourri Spray

This is a modern necessity in your guest bath. No more embarrassments to your guests. We keep a bottle close by the toilet, in easy reach for any and all that come by!

8. WiFi Password Sign

Are your guests always asking for your WiFi Password? And you have one of those weird long passwords that automatically generated for you by the service provider? Here's your solution!

9. Pop-Up Buffet Table

For those big holiday dinners when there's already 10 people stuffed onto a 6 person table, you need a pop-up.

This basic 6-foot table will do the trick and easily breaks down and stores in your garage or attic. It comes and black & white, (and ohhh - maybe you'll even splurge on the 8-footer!)

10. White Buffet Table Cloth

This $11.99 60x102 white polyester tablecloth is just what you need to throw over that pop-up table. Voila! You now have another cute area to sit at for lunch and dinner!

11. Extra Cushioned Dining Chairs

For all of that extra room at the table, you need chairs! Yes, there are others that are less expensive, but they’re also hard and uncomfortable to sit in. I really recommend spending the little bit of extra money on these cushioned chairs. Plus, they come as a set of 4. These are a great investment for any serious home entertaining host.

12. Acacia Wood Serving Dishes

Let's bring your serving game up a notch. These dark acacia wood serving dishes are gorgeous, easy to clean, gorgeous, and gorgeous. With this set of 2, they're perfect for setting our appetizers and desserts.

Find these items and more on our Amazon Finds lists!

Happy shopping!

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