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In high school, my mom tried to teach me to cook and I quickly became famous for setting fires to everything I touched.

Good thing I met Justin in college, as he would always be the one to cook our delicious, creative dinners. Eventually, I learned to cook things, (other than pasta,) from him.

As fresh graduates, we found jobs we enjoyed, but in the evenings we religiously watched cooking stars on TV. I learned how to wrap your presents perfectly from Martha. I learned how to prep a dish the night before friends came over from Ina. And I learned how to cook a feast for a crowd from Ree.

The little home-entertaining star in me was born.

Fast forward to Summer 2020. We're living in a beautiful brick ranch that we couldn't love more. COVID isn't going away and we've been stuck at the house for the past five months…

One day we were asked to organize a small, family get-together and it was so much fun! Justin and I cooked an Italian feast, the kids played in the pool, and we all got to reconnect with each other. 

That's when it clicked. Justin and I are home entertainers. We always have been, and had missed it very much. We love the process of creating a menu, making all of the recipes come to life, and gathering around a big table with people we love.

We've become experienced hosts over the past few years. Since we bought our house, we've hosted so many memorable parties. Justin & I cook meals in our home, at our friends' homes, and even when we get away with a big group of people at vacation rental. We've hosted three annual Friendsgiving Feasts, and a couple of baby and bridal showers around town. (Occasionally something gets burnt still, but I’m much better at keeping track of what’s going on in the kitchen now.)

We truly love hosting people in our home and anywhere else we're going. We love cooking, and we love bringing people together around a table of delicious food.

And now, we want to tell you all about it.


Chelsea Boccardo Smith

Founder & Creator

I'm Chelsea Boccardo Smith, a home entertaining and eating

pro living in the beautiful city of Greensboro, North Carolina.

(Yes, my favorite thing to do is eat, and I'm really good at it!)

My love for entertaining came from an early age - throwing

parties for my friends in Rochester, New York. While attending college

at UNCG, I met the love of my life, Justin. We have now lived in Greensboro

for over 10 years with the best dog in the whole world - Amber.

A couple of the many reasons I love Greensboro is for its cultural restaurants, grocery stores, and warm weather! (There's also a tremendous sense of community and beautiful diversity.) Since I love to eat and cook, we basically live in paradise.

My Favorite Food:  Soup!

My Top 5 Favorite Cuisines:  Mexican, Thai, Korean, Italian & French

My Top 3 Favorite Local Restaurants:  M'Couls, Chez Genese & Singha II Thai Bistro

My Top 3 Favorite Cities to Eat in:  Asheville NC, Washington DC & Rome

My Favorite Wine:  Merlot/Bordeaux

My Favorite Cocktail:  Lavender French 75

The Best Thing I've Ever Baked:  Justin's 30th Birthday Carrot Cake (Bon Apetit)

The Best Thing I've Ever Cooked:  Boeuf Bourguignon (Julia Child)


Justin Smith

Chief Editor & Contributor

I was born and raised in a New Jersey town with twenty-two

pizzerias, and to a Dad that insisted on trying them all to find

the best slice. Food was always central to my family's identity.

Whether it was stuffed shells (pasta) at Grandma's, or burgers on

the grill, it was (and always will be) a reason to gather. 

I met Chelsea at UNCG. With the little money we had, we always managed to eat well. Times have changed, and although I've since traded Busch Light for something less watered down, and replaced Cheez-It with real cheese, tasty food, good booze and tunes bring people together.


Thank you for reading, and I hope our experiences will help you make some lasting memories. 

My Favorite Food:  NY Style Pizza

My Top 5 Favorite Cuisines:  Rustic Italian, Mediterranean, Seafood, Steakhouse Classics & BBQ

My Top 3 Favorite Local Restaurants:  Bites & Pints, Leblon's & Carolina Diner

My Top 3 Favorite Cities to Eat in:  Philadelphia PA, Asheville NC & Monterosso al Mare

My Favorite Wine:  Pinot Noir

My Favorite Cocktail:  Old Fashioned

The Best Thing I've Ever Baked:  Cheddar & Scallion Scones

The Best Thing I've Ever Cooked:  Smoked Florentine Steak

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